What to do after getting off the air plane in the Canada's airport?

Canada’s airport’s kiosks

In this video we will guide you through the step-by-step process of what you should actually do after getting off the airplane at one of Canada’s airports.

Canada is already accepting international travelers who got fully vaccinated without quarantine upon arrival.

After getting off the airplane and walking through the hallway, you will find the system called Primary Inspection Kiosks. You can find these systems if you arrive at one of Canada’s major airports, such as Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal… or other airports you see on the screen right now.

With this Kiosk, you can verify your identity and make an on-screen declaration. If your landing airport doesn’t have kiosks, you will be given a declaration card on your flight. You need to complete the form and submit it to a border services officer when you arrive.

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