(ICGCI) is a trusted Canadian immigration consultancy firm located in Vancouver, BC. The business is widely considered as one of the most well-respected and well-known immigration companies in Canada.
Having more than 10 glorious years of experience in giving precise words of advice, ICGCI has shown outstanding success but also thrives on assisting clients and accompanying them to achieve their lifetime goals.

Hossein Amirahmadi is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and Managing Partner/CEO at ICGCI. He is also Commissioner of taking Oaths. (BC)
He has held and currently holds various executive positions in private corporations and has owned and managed several businesses also; he is a College Instructor at CDI College.
Hossein has been in the immigration field for more than 20 years, the past 10 years he established the Immigration Consultants Business of ICGCI and has developed strategic alliances with major players in the field of Immigration.
He graduated immigration consultant diploma through Ashton college in 2015.

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Hossein Amirahmadi

Nika Rasaie

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Nika Rasaie is a Managing Partner and Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant at ICGCI. She has experience with a variety of immigration cases ranging from corporate immigration, work visas, provincial nominee programs, spousal sponsorship, and more.

Nika’s passion for immigration stems from a past, she has been working in this industry since 2011.

She studied immigration consultant diploma through Ashton college and She is currently a member of ICCRC

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ICGCI : Immigration Consultants Group Canada Inc

This organization, having the most successful immigration cases in Canada through investment, education, entrepreneurship, etc., is ready to provide you with services and advice.

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    Our immigration firm endeavors in helping clients in their immigration applications to Canada in the shortest possible time through a variety of avenues, including:

    1) seeking jobs in Canada
    2) assisting in appeal cases
    3) creating high-profile classes
    4) establishing small businesses
    5) assisting with Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) applications,
    6) assisting with temporary and permanent residency applications
    7) offering differentiated products and services.

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