Owner Operator LMIA

What is LMIA?

LMIA stands for Labor Market Impact Assessment. It permits Canadian companies to hire foreign employees after they have passed the standard recruitment procedure.

The assessment proves that Canadian applicants lack the skills or expertise to meet the company’s requirements. It also looks at the benefits and profit a foreign employee will bring to the country’s economy. They have to do this by advertising their work openings on different recruiting sites and also going through a proper hiring process to find the right candidate. Once their efforts to recruit someone from Canada fail, then the government accepts the Canadian company’s plea. They are permitted to hire workers from other countries after this.

What is owner-operator?  

Owner-operator LMIA is an exception to this process. Service Canada look at your business plan instead of evaluating the importance of a single nominee. If the government thinks your company is valuable enough for its economy, they will allow you to set up your business here.

Requirements for this are as follows:

  • You must own at least 51% share of the Canadian business.
  • You must submit a proper business plan that discusses their management program, profitability and a basic idea of their budget. Things like hiring process, employee management and financing is included in this plan.
  • You must employ one or more Canadian employees (this includes permanent residents) in your company within the first year.

Some of the advantages of this work permit include:

  • Getting a chance to operate your business in Canada.
  • Getting the freedom to launch your company at your chosen city in Canada.
  • No mandatory advertising/recruitment process required within the country before registering for the LMIA.

To sum up the owner-operator, is a perfect way to reach Canada. As it is less restrictive than having a normal job, the work permit allows you to explore Canada on your own terms. By contributing to it financially and through human resources, you will also become an important part of the Canadian economy.

More precisely, it takes you a step further towards gaining permanent residency in Canada.

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