International Skilled Worker: Saskatchewan Express Entry


To be eligible, you must be accepted into IRCC’s Express Entry pool and pay a non-refundable (CDN) $350 application fee.

You may qualify if you live outside Canada or have proof of legal status in Canada, are not a refugee claimant, and:

  • Have a valid Express Entry Profile Number and Job Seeker Code.
  • Score a minimum of 60 points on the SINP point assessment grid.
  • Have a language test result that meets the federal Express Entry language requirements.
  • Have completed post-secondary school or training that is comparable to at least one year of Canadian education. You must have earned a diploma, certificate or degree related to your intended occupation. To find out if your education is related to your intended occupation you can review the “Employment Requirements” section of your National Occupation Code profile.
  • Have experience in a job that is not on the Excluded Occupation List. See Occupations In-Demand and Express Entry Occupation Requirements for eligible occupations.
    • The minimum need for work experience is:
      • For skilled professionals (not tradespeople): one year work experience in the past 10 years.
      • For skilled tradespeople: two years work experience in a skilled trade in the past five years.
      • For Canadian Experience Class: One year work experience in Canada in the past three years (skilled tradespeople and skilled professionals).
  • Your above work experience must be in the field of your completed post-secondary education or training.
  • You may need to show a Professional Status or proof of eligibility for Licensure for your job.
    • See Occupations In-Demand and Express Entry Occupation Requirements for these requirements. If you are asked to show this, your application will be held. You do not need to show licensure documents unless asked.
    • You must include all documents in your application. If your application will be closed if it is missing documents and your application fee will not be returned.
  • Show settlement funds and a settlement plan.

The program criteria can change at any time.

The points that you claimed on your EOI will determine the likelihood of receiving an invitation. Those with high scores within the pool of candidates will have a greater chance of being invited to apply. Once you are invited to apply, you will be required to provide proof to support the EOI points that you claimed. To remain eligible for a nomination you must meet the minimum points of the EOI Selection through which you received your Invitation to Apply (ITA).

If there are grounds to believe that an applicant and/or their representative have provided false information on an EOI profile or application to increase their points score, then our Program Integrity Unity (PIU) will undertake an investigation for misrepresentation. If misrepresentation is found to have taken place, the applicant may be suspended from using the SINP for two years (or more, in the case of a repeat offence).

How to apply

After getting your Invitation to Apply through the Expression of Interest system, you must:

Applications that are sent with missing documents or not translated will be closed. If your application is closed, you will be sent a letter and asked to reapply.

If you are successful in getting a nomination from the SINP, IRCC will process most complete applications in 6 months or less.

Apply online to the SINP 

  1. Create an account.
  2. Complete all sections.
  3. Scan and upload your completed forms and supporting documents in a PDF. Keep the originals for your records.
  4. Save and submit your application online.

Who Cannot Apply Through the Saskatchewan Express Entry Sub-Category?

The following cannot apply:

  • Refugee claimants in Canada who are claiming refugee status from the Government of Canada.
  • Those not accepted into the Federal Express Entry pool.

You may not be eligible if:

  • You did not provide the required documents at the time of submitting your application.
  • You were not able to prove that you plan to live and work in Saskatchewan.
  • You and or your representative have intentionally misrepresented yourselves in the application.
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