(ICGCI) is a consulting company focused on immigration matters and based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We are proud of our ten-year history of successfully providing our clients with advice and direct guidance based on our unique insight and knowledge of Canadian immigration laws, regulations, process and procedures. Our experienced and diligent staff are respected for a deep understanding of every facet of the  immigration system. We are immigrants to Canada ourselves. We know how important this is to individuals and their families. We have lived it. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than seeing the dreams of our clients realized as they begin their new lives in Canada.

Hossein Amirahmadi is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and Managing Partner/CEO at ICGCI. He is also licsened by the Government of British Columbia as a  Commissioner of taking Oaths. 

Throughout his professional career, Hossein has held various executive management positions within privately held corporations and has owned and operated several small businesses. He has also served as an instructor at CDI College in Vancouver where he taught a course designed for students interested in immigration matters.

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Hossein Amirahmadi

Hossein’s experience in the immigration sector spans over 20 years. Ten years ago Hossein founded ICGCI, which was designed to help a growing client base find a path to living and working in Canada, and eventually, obtained citizenship. During that period, ICGCI has developed strong and trusted strategic alliances with respected participants in the immigration industry’s ecosystem, such as law firms,  accountants, business advisors, community leaders, non-profit organizations, among many others. 

Among his other credentials and accreditations, in 2015 Hossein earned his diploma in immigration consulting from Ashton College.

Nika Rasaie

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Nika Rasaie is a Managing Partner and Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant at ICGCI. She has experience with a variety of immigration cases ranging from corporate immigration, work visas, provincial nominee programs, spousal sponsorship, and more.

Nika’s passion for immigration stems from a past, she has been working in this industry since 2011.

She studied immigration consultant diploma through Ashton college and She is currently a member of ICCRC

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The BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC-PNP) is a program for foreign workers to immigrate to British Columbia if they have the skills and experience in occupations that are in high demand.

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Family Sponsorship

Discover ways to bring your family members from abroad to live in Canada a and apply for and eventually become permanent residents

Immigration Consultants Group Canada Inc. (ICGCI)

ICGCI is a company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada that specializes in immigration matters. Our experienced team of professionals have been entrusted by our clients to advise and guide them through some of the most stressful and exciting times of their lives. We take this trust seriously and endeavor every day to meet and exceed the high standards we have set for ourselves and the expectations that our clients rightfully demand of us. As a result, for over a decade we have successfully provided needed services and solved sometimes complex programs for and on behalf of our clients.

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    Immigration Consultants Group Canada Inc. (ICGCI) has introduced a new app for your smart phone. The “Canada Visa” app provides you with the very latest immigration news, including helpful links to informative Canadian immigration blogs and other content. Canada Visa is a user-friendly, easy, convenient and secure access point for calculating Express Entry (CRS) and BC-PNP scores.

    The Canada Visa immigration app is available for Apple and Android smartphones.

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      Immigration Consultants Group Canada Incorporation (ICGCI) is a trusted Canadian immigration consultancy firm located in Vancouver, BC.

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